Tips for making your hair its best on your wedding day.

Tips for Beautiful Wedding Hair

    The first step for beautiful wedding hair is to choose your dress and any accessory you wish to wear. Once you’ve done that, send your hair artist a photo of yourself in your dress, showing front, back and side view. A picture of your dress and any headpiece or accessory is an important visual your stylist needs for hair design. Photos of styles you like are also very helpful in designing your .
Frizzy hair

All About Frizzy Hair and How to Avoid It

Frizz is the bane of textured hair. More clients sit in my chair and complain about frizz than any other aspect of their hair. The best way to avoid frizz is to understand it and to try a few of these professional tricks to manage it. Our hair is an amazing fiber that holds moisture. In fact, hair can hold more than 30 percent of its weight in water. Ideally, beautiful hair needs moisture, .
Teresa Callen--advice on supplements for healthy hair, skin and nails

Want Better Hair, Skin and Nails?

One question I hear a lot  is “Are there any supplements or foods that will make my hair, nails, and skin better?” I’ve spent years on looking for the right answer, so let me save you some time in your search for great-looking hair, nails, and skin. There is a temptation to find a quick fix, such as a pill or a product. But quick fixes do not work. What does work is a .
Teresa Callen Hair Artist for Curls and Waves

How to Find the Best Products for Curly and Wavy Hair

The sheer number of products to choose from can be a challenge in finding the best products for your curls and waves. Critical thought is needed, because websites and magazines tend to have a necessary bias toward their advertisers’ products when making recommendations.  The bottom line with product is personal preference—you have to like the smell, look, and feel of what you use on your hair. I suggest you ask anyone with hair similar .
Teresa Callen Dry Haircut Artist

The Dry Haircut

I am often asked the difference between a haircut on dry hair and one on wet hair. Most of my clients have naturally textured hair, so I cut hair dry about 95 percent of the time. Human hair generally holds about 40 percent of its weight in water. Because of this, curly hair tends to behave very differently when wet. If I cut it wet, it springs up when dry, making the shape I .

TED Talk that is worth your time to watch.

A TED talk that is worth the ten minutes to watch. Looks are powerful, a tool you can use in your favor, and superficial. In this talk we are reminded that many of the images we see in the media are artwork and not what we see in daily life. Please click on the link below to see the video. Cameron Russell talks about looks and being a model.
specialist in naturally wavy and curly hair

Winter Hair and Scalp

The winter months are when clients ask for advice on frizzy hair most frequently. With dry atmosphere, cold air, and other factors increasing static, we tend to have more issues with frizz during the winter than any other season. To combat frizz, I suggest using more product on your hair. A small increase is plenty. Another option is to use natural oil on your hair—jojoba is one of the best, but olive or almond .
Expectations and Self-Acceptance

Expectations and Self-Acceptance

The greatest beauty secret I can share is to maintain realistic expectations of your hair and to nurture a healthy attitude of self-acceptance. We live in a culture that is known for self-loathing.  Many Americans live with the feeling that we are not enough and what we have is not enough. We watch TV shows and movies with actors picked for their above-average looks and for bodies that require more maintenance per day than .